Book Review

“Five Great Military Reads”

Fearless gets a nice thumbs up by Navy SEAL Rorke Denver who recommends Adam’s story in his top “Five Great Military Reads.” Read the article linked below. Review          

FEARLESS: Just Shy of 1,000 Reviews!

I support all book retailers—The Indy Shops, Barnes N Noble, Books-A-Million. But, like most authors, I can’t help myself from checking for the reviews. Today, there are 979 Reviews up, just 21 shy of 1000 reviews. If you want to write a review to help us over the edge, that would be great!

Letter from a Teacher

I just received this thoughtful letter from a teacher who shared (age appropriate) sections of FEARLESS with his third grade class. I wrote him, and asked him permission to post it here. I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know how much I enjoyed reading this book and how impressed I

Thank You for Your Support!

An email I received this morning from a reader named Ben has prompted me to write this thank you. He read FEARLESS, and wrote me to say he ordered my past two books, along with this screen shot he took from Amazon. Thank you all for your support. I will continue to write these stories

This Message Made My Day

This message made my day: Mr. Blehm: I want to take a minute of your time to thank you for writing this book, and to tell you a quick story. Last Thursday I was getting ready to go on a trip to Little Rock, Arkansas to meet up with a friend from Arizona for a meet

FEARLESS: Over 500 Reviews on Amazon!

While I support all booksellers, like most authors, can’t help but keep an eye on the reviews on Amazon. Today, FEARLESS broke the 500 mark, with 507 reviews now posted. This is a big milestone for any book. Take a look and add a review yourself if you’d like: Thank you! Amazon Review

Review by an Air Force Veteran/Air National Guardsman

This review was just posted on Amazon by an Air Force veteran/Air National Guardsman named Sam. Thank you for your service Sam, and for this thoughtful review of FEARLESS: First, a little background. I have served in the United States AirForce, United States Air Force Reserve, and am currently a member of the Illinois Air

Amazon Review #327 for FEARLESS

Printed below is the most recent customer review of FEARLESS on, and the first Amazon review I’ve ever cut, pasted, and posted on FACEBOOK, Tweeted, emailed and shared so extensively. I’m shouting it from the rooftops because at its core is a message I know Adam Brown would agree is so much bigger than