Book Review

Uplifting Message from a Former Marine

Thank you to this former Marine for this uplifting message: Mr. Blehm , I know I’m not the first to send you a message like this , but I felt the need to thank you for writing “Fearless.” As a 42 yr old former Marine I didn’t know it would be possible for me to

A Letter from a U.S. Marshall

Here is a letter from a U.S. Marshall: Thank you Jeremy for YOUR Service. “Ever since I was a young boy I had wanted to be a member of the elite U.S. Navy SeALs. To this day, at the age of 37, I still have hero worship when I am around those guys. I enlisted

Book Review

Thank you Paul J. DeBartolomeo & F.D.N.Y. Ladder-28 for your service and this wonderful letter about FEARLESS. I just read “Fearless” and just wanted to reach out to you and say how much I enjoyed it. The story of Adam Brown was such an incredible inspiration to me. It has caused me to evaluate my

Inspired by FEARLESS

And here is another email from a reader of FEARLESS, to the Brown Family. Thoughts and prayers coming your way Ryan. Be Fearless… Dear Brown Family, My name is Ryan and I’m 18. I just finished the book about Adam and I wanted to say it has touched me in several different ways. I’m a

Adam is my new “Heavenly Mentor.”

I have been considering posting some of the emails I, or the Browns, receive from readers of FEARLESS to convey how Adam’s story is impacting lives. If you care to read more, please comment and let me know. Here is the first: To the Brown family. I am a nurse in a small, rural hospital.

An amazing email I received

Hello Everybody, I just returned from Arkansas, and found this email waiting for me from a woman I met at one of my signings with the Brown Family. She gave me permission to share this letter and accompanying photo after telling me how different aspects of Adam’s life impact people differently, and inspire them for