Review by an Air Force Veteran/Air National Guardsman

This review was just posted on Amazon by an Air Force veteran/Air National Guardsman named Sam. Thank you for your service Sam, and for this thoughtful review of FEARLESS:

First, a little background. I have served in the United States AirForce, United States Air Force Reserve, and am currently a member of the Illinois Air National Guard. I have been a cargo pilot my entire career and am at 22+ years and counting. This is a well written story of an American hero's life. If your faith in God has waivered, this book will make you believe again. If your faith in your family has weakened, this book will make you strong again. If your faith in friends has slipped, this book will place you on firm ground again. Because of Adam Brown's love for his family, country and fellow SEALs, he earned the gift of redemption. After reading this book, I have become a better man. I am quicker to ask, "How can I help?" and more ready to follow through when the answer comes. Read it--by yourself. Let the story affect you and cry if you need to. I did--more than once. After you have read this book, never let weakness, or weariness, or pain get in between you and your goals. This book is inspirational because this man was inspirational. Read it with an open mind and an open heart--you will not be disappointed. I have never reviewed a book on Amazon before, but I could not hold my feelings in. After I read this book, I sent a copy to my 5 closest friends from my days of Air Force Service. They're the only ones who could possibly understand where this amazing story took me. Read it.