Adam Brown’s story of courage and determination has prompted many comments and stories from the people who have read it. And now it has been the inspiration for an original song by Mark Dowdy. Mark was so inspired by Adam's life story and what Adam overcame during his rise to the top tier of the U.S. Military —crack addiction, jail, loss of vision in his right eye (same as Mark), severed fingers on his dominant hand—that he wanted to honor Adam and the Brown family in his own way.

FEARLESS: the Single is a tribute to Adam Brown—an American hero who, along with his family, never gave up. Adam found strength in his love of God, love of family, and love of country, and it empowered him to defeat his demons. Mark hopes this song will inspire you to learn more about Adam Brown and to be brave, stand tall, and live fearless—just like Adam.

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Fearless by Mark Dowdy

About Mark Dowdy

Despite a life-long visual impairment, Mark Dowdy has never been deterred from following his dreams.  As a child he demonstrated unusual musical ability and began playing and performing in public at age 10.  As a teenager, he became an eagle scout, and as his service project, he placed the first Braille signage in the federal buildings in Gainesville, Georgia.  At age 19, Mark had two Billboard picks which charted, with songs written by John Jarrard, also of Gainesville, Georgia.   In 2003, Mark had a life altering cornea transplant which allowed him to see the world as never before. He lives with his wife and family in Gainesville, Georgia.