Living Fearless: Discussion Guides

I have had many requests for discussion questions for book clubs, study groups, or for individuals to reflect more on the story of Adam’s life. I’m happy to share two study guides. This is a free download.  You are encourage to share them! 1.  A general conversation guide 2. A faith-based Bible study with Scripture

THE TRIDENT: the memoir of US Navy SEAL Jason Redman

I had the privilege of reading an advance copy of THE TRIDENT: the memoir of US Navy SEAL Jason Redman. It releases Nov. 5th, and can be pre-ordered now everywhere books are sold. Some of you might remember Jason from a note he posted on his hospital door after being horribly wounded on the field

The Crash Reel

I just watched The Crash Reel, the documentary/story of the rise, fall, and inspiring comeback from Traumatic Brain Injury of pro-snowboarder Kevin Pearce. This is bar none, the best documentary I have ever seen. It is both heartbreaking and heartwarming. Do yourself a favor and watch it, this isn’t a documentary about snowboarding, it’s a

Give It All

Reminded today that Adam lived his life ready to give it all-body and soul-for the freedoms we all enjoy. Live Fearless |            

Enter to Win

ENTER TO WIN June 16-July 19, 2013 To honor the legacy of Adam Brown, you are invited to share a LIVE FEARLESS story about someone you know that lives with the same spirit as Adam. Tell us about yourself, your parent, your sibling, your neighbor, a teacher, or any other remarkable person that displays courage

Father’s Day

A note for Nathan and Savannah Brown this weekend, on father’s day: I know your father is so proud of you. Remember his words from a letter he wrote you while deployed in Iraq. (excerpted from FEARLESS): “You kids, Nathan and Savannah, y’all are so precious to me. I get chills thinking about watching you

Message from Petr Petrášek

Petr Petrášek: Hi, just finished the Spartan Super Race 13km+, 21 obstacles. My physical and mental fitness has been tested to the limits. Thank you Adam so much for inspiration. Never quit. ps: also thank you Eric for sharing the story so incredibly well.        

Last Day of FEARLESS Promotion!

Today is the LAST DAY you can buy one, get one free for the Paperback edition of FEARLESS. There is no limit, for every copy purchased, the publisher will send you a free copy. Just follow the directions on this link below. GREAT for teachers, small groups, book clubs, recovery groups, military schools, or those

First Female SEAL

If you haven’t seen news of the first “female” SEAL …well, sorta… The controversial Warrior Princess is confirmed first-hand via this post on SOFREP by Brandon Webb. I expect some lively comments.