Letter from a Teacher

I just received this thoughtful letter from a teacher who shared (age appropriate) sections of FEARLESS with his third grade class. I wrote him, and asked him permission to post it here.

I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know how much I enjoyed reading this book and how impressed I was by the story of Adam. I'm a school teacher in Utah with a wife and 2 kids. Seeing Adam's interaction with his family impressed me beyond words. I strive every day to be the best family man I can be, but seeing Adam made me want to be even better for my 2 daughters and my wife. I also just want you to know that I shared bits of Adam's story with my 3rd grade class. I have never seen a group of kids so deeply impacted by another person's story. I constantly strive to share with my students the importance of humility, hard work, and selflessness. Now, I have found the perfect way to share this message in the most effective way...through Adam's example and legacy. As a whole class, we have all decided that we want to all be like Adam, and strive to follow his example. Since sharing his message with my students, I have seen amazing things happen at school. I see students striving to care for others. I have seen random acts of kindness. I have seen almost every student mature and strive to make good choices. The effect has been awesome! Also, I have no idea if this email will even get read...I'm guessing it won't...but if it does and it is at all possible, I wish to just say that Adam is the most impressive person I have ever read about. However, equally impressive to me is his entire family. His wife, kids, and parents are heroes for doing the things they have done. I was amazingly impressed by his wife and her constant dedication and devotion to Adam and their kids. Simply put, she is incredible. For their children to be so mature and so strong during such painful times, matches the courage of their fearless father. For Adam's parents to do what they did, as painful as it was, to save their son from evil is one of the most loving acts a parent can demonstrate to a child. If whoever reads this email has contact with the family, please pass this along to them. I would like them to know that I think of them all as heroes. I want them to know that although this book is mainly the story of Adam, their marvelous acts did not go unnoticed by me. Since reading the book, I can't stop thinking about all of the incredible things I read. I will be forever changed in many ways. And please know that because of what Adam did, he has made a huge impact on people he never knew, including a teacher and his 3rd grade students in a small town in Utah. Thank you for sharing this message and I know I will do my small part in making sure his life, work, and example will never be forgotten. Thank you.