Book Review

Amazing Feedback

I have received so much amazing feedback recently, both from the people I have met and here on Facebook. I’m currently in Arkansas and can’t respond to everybody, but hope to in the next few weeks. In the meantime, please know that I and the Browns have read and greatly appreciate all the comments and

Post on FEARLESS: Jason Brangers

Received this wonderful post from Jason Brangers. Thank you Jason for the amazing support and kind words. It means a lot to hear that Adam Brown’s story changes lives and with your donation his story will continue to be read. “Congratulations on the official release of Fearless! This is an amazing book that is already

First FEARLESS Review

Here is the very first review of FEARLESS, posted by a well known blogger in the realm of politics. Henry Mark Holzer reviewed The Only Thing Worth Dying For two years ago as well. Thank you Henry for taking the time to read FEARLESS and post this review.

Endorsement by SEAL/Writer Eric Greitens

Eric Greitens- Former Navy SEAL and NY Times best-selling author of The Heart and the Fist just read FEARLESS and provided this endorsement: Thank you Eric! “Fearless is a vivid account of one man’s journey from all-American boy to all-American hero. Blehm’s writing takes you beyond the battlefield and right to the heart of the