Letter from a Kenyan: “what they do makes a great difference”

I received this email from a gentleman in Kenya tonight. He wrote me after reading FEARLESS. Please share this widely:

Dear Mr. Blehm. I'm Kenyan. Most of the world that is far removed from Afghanistan, Iraq and even the US watches what happens from afar on CNN or BBC and wonders what the war is all about. But we border Somalia and we see your fathers, brothers, sons and husbands patrolling our seas to enable us to enjoy the freedom and peace that we have. When the American embassy was bombed in Nairobi and hundreds of Kenyans were killed and injured we saw your soldiers arrive at the scene before our own. Because of that many lives were saved and our security forces had someone to guide them through that.
I don't know if those who fight these wars know that what they do gives us a chance to live a decent peaceful life in the midst of all the chaos.
Please thank them. Please thank their families who make the ultimate sacrifice for us knowing we can never give back to them. Kindly keep my details confidential but make sure the Brown family and the other Families in your military know that what they do makes a great difference. I thank God for them and will forever keep them and their families in my prayers
—Name withheld upon request