Book Review

Thank you Paul J. DeBartolomeo & F.D.N.Y. Ladder-28 for your service and this wonderful letter about FEARLESS.

I just read "Fearless" and just wanted to reach out to you and say how much I enjoyed it. The story of Adam Brown was such an incredible inspiration to me. It has caused me to evaluate my life, and try and make some adjustments. I selected the book rather randomly while at the book storeĀ and could not believe what a lasting impression it has left. Just a back story which is somewhat ironic: I was born & raised in Stamford C.T. My oldest brother Michael was a Navy pilot who was killed during flight operations in the North Arabian Sea in July 1984. I pursued my dream of becoming a firefighter by joining the F.D.N.Y. in 1998. On September 11, 2001 I found myself at the base of the North Tower just prior to its collapse. So the connection's between the U.S. Navy & the war on terror are quite clear to me and something I have very strong feelings about. What was even more ironic was the fact that you interviewed Brian Bill for the book. Although I did not know Brian personally, me and several F.D.N.Y. members came to Stamford to pay our respects at his funeral. I had the honor of attending the after affair at Sterling Farms and was simply amazed to be in the company of the Seals he served with. Although our time together was short I cannot begin to explain the lasting impression these men left on me, I was truly proud to be an American. The story of Adam Brown only reaffirms my feelings and high regards for these brave men. I want to thank you for writing such a wonderful tribute for such a truly inspirational man. If there is ever anything that I or the members of my company can ever do to provide some assistance to you or the Seals you are in contact with please don't hesitate in calling on us, it would be a pleasure.

Thank you,
F.F. Paul J. DeBartolomeo
F.D.N.Y. L-28