Adam is my new “Heavenly Mentor.”

I have been considering posting some of the emails I, or the Browns, receive from readers of FEARLESS to convey how Adam's story is impacting lives. If you care to read more, please comment and let me know. Here is the first:

To the Brown family. I am a nurse in a small, rural hospital. Last week, my team acted to resuscitate a child whose heart and breathing had stopped due to an accident. I was 180 pages into "Fearless" on that day. I am not a religious person. I am a spiritual person, like Adam was. I believe that our hands were guided and, as the lead nurse, I was guided in the decisions I made that helped us save this baby.

I believe, had I not been reading about Adam's life, his struggles and triumphs, I would not have felt the peace I felt while leading this resuscitation. I was able to remain completely calm and by doing so, was able
to help others stay calm. When the baby first got to us, having never used the phrase before, I told the team "I GOT THIS!" and dove straight in and started compression on this tiny chest. Afterward, I recalled that this was
Adam's "catch-phrase" and smiled to myself, all the while knowing that had I not "got it," the baby's chances of making it dramatically dwindled. I silently thanked Adam for lending me his phrase and went about my business. After a resuscitation like this, there is mental and physical exhaustion and always a few quiet tears (usually kept to myself). I have to be the strong one. We normally have a debriefing after such events that I lead. It is sometimes hard to keep my composure. I "had it" this time.

I came home and stayed up to finish the book, sacrificing sleep for the "friend" I had found in the story of Adam Brown. I finally let myself cry it out while I was
reading the rest of Adam's life. It made sense to me that I was able to use his story as my own personal "debriefing."

This book has renewed my faith. I am stronger and better for it. So, without knowing me, and even after his passing,
Adam has witnessed to me in a way I never expected. Grateful doesn't even begin to describe the appreciation I have for Adam opening up his life, insisting on having his story told and, in turn, you all opening up your
lives to share Adam with the world.

A common theme throughout the book, to me, was how humble Adam was all his life. Adam is my new "Heavenly Mentor." I'm sure he'd be okay with that. I know even
though my life will never have the impact on this world that Adam's did, I will strive to make the greatest impact possible, keeping him in mind.

Adam was a hero. You are all heroes. My heroes.

Thank you (name withheld for privacy)