Letter from Karen Vaughn-Mother of Adam’s teammate Aaron Vaughn

Karen Vaughn, the mother of Adam's teammate Aaron Vaughn (KIA, Aug 6, 2011) wrote me this letter after reading an advance copy of Fearless. Thank you Karen, and so sorry for your loss.

Dear Eric. I have so much I'd like to say to you regarding your work ... Please know that we, as parents of a fallen SEAL, are moved beyond words by this story of Adam. I began reading last night, and I could not bear putting it down. Adam's letter to his children ripped at my heart. You have created a national treasure sir. It's very surreal that less than a year before Aaron's death he was sharing Adam's incredible story with our family, insisting that I watch the NRA Life of Duty videos created in his honor. I explained how difficult they were to watch ( as a mom of a warrior) but he insisted (correctly) that we, as a nation, MUST WATCH & understand the full story, the full measure of this hero's life. How could I have believed at that moment that my only son would be next? Aaron was an incredible human being, and you've honored him and all of them. You are gifted.... I want you to know that I will be purchasing copies of Fearless to place in my local library.

My real purpose for writing was simply to say "thank you."

With tremendous respect,

Karen Vaughn

Visit Aaron's memorial facebook page here