The Story of the Last WWI Veteran – Frank Buckles

Please share this story that announces a powerful documentary making it's way to select theaters across the nation. It's about last WWI Veteran Frank Buckles:

A wave of screenings for the film has been announced for Missouri and Arkansas after an explosive week. The film schedule took off like wildfire after one screening in Iowa on April 15.

Five years ago 108 year old veteran Frank Buckles and David DeJonge visited the abandoned DC War Memorial on the National Mall. DeJonge quickly grabbed his camera and began filming--that filming still has not stopped. "I knew when the last veteran from World War Ones wheel chair could not be rolled to that war monument in DC because his wheels were stuck in the cracked sidewalk this story had to be shared with the entire nation- and we will. America will not forget about 5 million veterans if the midwest can have anything to do with it."

Story of Frank Buckles