Hot Springs Books-A-Million Signing

Here are some more photos from the debut book signing at Books A Million in Hot Springs Arkansas last week. Hundreds turned out to support the Brown Family (all of whom signed books alongside me) and to honor their hometown hero—Adam Brown.

One of the Book Signing advertisements that ran in the local papers around Hot Springs, Arkansas—Adam’s home town.
Hundreds turned out to have their copy of Fearless signed by the entire Brown family at the Books A Million in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Front row left to right: Kelley and Janice beside Eric Blehm; back row Larry, Manda, Shawn, and his wife Tina


Kelley, Janice, and Eric signing FEARLESS for the hometown crowd who came out to support the Browns, the book, and to honor Adam.
The Fearless gene runs deep in the Brown family. Here Savannah signs some books for family friends.


Here is a segment of the line, where patient Arkansans waited up to four hours to get their copy of Fearless signed by Eric and the entire Brown Family.