Check out how William Stevens is honoring Adam with the FEARLESS ROCK, Underwater Memorial. And spread the word please.

I want to thank you for telling Adam Brown's story in your book " Fearless. As a native of Hot Springs, Arkansas and a Veteran I was touched by Adam's story. I did not know or serve with Adam, but I wanted to honor his memory, life and sacrifice. After a lot of thought and prayer, I had the idea to create an underwater memorial for Adam, a laser-etched granite marker on a large rock 40 feet beneath the surface of Lake Ouachita in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The memorial will be known as “Fearless Rock”.

It will be a lasting tribute to Adam as well as an inspiration to the diving community. We have received permission from Adam's family and Navy SOCOM for the memorial.

I only "met" Adam once. And I didn't know it was him until 2 months ago. Back in 1995 during the months before he was arrested. I was travelling to my next military duty assignment and stopped in Hot Springs to have dinner with some friends at my favorite BBQ place (Stubby's) I was in my military uniform and I asked for some bottles of their sauce to take with me on my journey - like I always did. Well a young man came to the table and brought me the bottles I had ordered and then gave me a free bottle. He said..."Thank you for what you do" and walked away. I remember that he was very polite and even a little shy. My friend told me that young man was Adam. I guess God put this project in my mind and heart as a way that I can return the favor for Adam.

I have created a Facebook page for the memorial project. Please feel free to check it out at:

Thank you for sharing Adam's story with the world. The Fearless Project has purchased and shared 40 copies of your book to our supporters and anyone who asks for one. I have attached some photos of the unveiling ceremony with Kelley and Savannah, as well as Shawn Brown and his family!