My warrior princesses…

Daddy’s warrior princesses                 “There’s one thing you don’t know Daddy … I’m not left handed!”                   The ol’ “I feel faint” trick. Then bring down the almighty NERF blade…        

Coach Eric

Thank you Christian Garcia for making my day. Christian is on my son’s 8 to 10-year-old Minor B Little League team and an avid reader beyond his years. Last Saturday’s game, I was third-base coach. When Christian (one of our most consistent hitters) made it to third, I gave him a high five, and he grinned


Our neighbor and friend—The Bravest Superhero—Max Spartacus Kleckner earned his angel wings on December 24th after four and a half years of battle with cancer. He was eight years old. We honored him yesterday at a local beach where he and his family played with our children and many in our community. I was honored

Life is Good

Life is good when you can take a bath in a sink… Realized tonight, our youngest has almost outgrown the basin. How fast time flies!

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day America from our family to yours! Thank you all for remembering the sacrifices made in our nation’s past for the freedoms we celebrate today.

Our Brave Little 8-year-old Neighbor and Buddy

Please pray for Max. He is our brave little 8-year-old neighbor, and my little boy’s buddy since birth. Max has been fighting a battle with Cancer for four years. He is in ICU currently and wants to come home. He needs a miracle, please spread the word.