What happened that day changed my life forever.

I met Jay this past weekend at the Operation One Voice weekend. Please take a moment to learn about his story, and LIKE his Wounded Wear FB page.
Exactly five years ago today, my Team and I walked into a very well executed ambush. Half of us were hit in the attack. It was only through the courageous actions and tenacity of my Teammates that I came home that day. It is a testament to the unshakeable resolve of Naval Special Warfare Forces, and the American spirit that will never be conquered. What happened that day changed my life forever. It changed my outlook and made me realize you can never take a day for granted. I give God the credit for allowing me to come home that day and watch my children grow up. I will never know why God spared me and so many other brothers never came home but I vowed I would never allow their sacrifice to be forgotten. Here is to my Teammates. Long Live the Brotherhood. J Sends