What Would Adam Do?

I can honestly say that reading this book (Fearless by Eric Blehm) changed my life. I first picked it up to read as I was headed out to the airport to fly to Arkansas (from Massachusetts). When I read that Adam was from Arkansas I truly felt like I was touched by his spirit. Long story short, when I got to AR I rented a car and drove out to Hot Springs to pay my respects to Adam. Since that day I have felt connected to Adam in a very spiritual sense, and I am truly grateful to him. At the time I was trying to make a very difficult decision that would impact a lot of people, and I needed help with the decision, but didn't feel as though there was anyone I could turn to. By the time I was done reading the book I realized that if someone like Adam could overcome what he did, and become the man that he did, I could certainly do what needed to be done. The strength that Adam and his entire family have shown inspires me every day. WWAD, or "what would Adam do", has become my mantra.

This is such a well written book, about a true American hero, it can't help but touch everyone who reads it.

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