Humbled and Amazed

First of all it's January 2nd, 2015 and I have just finished this amazing book titled FEARLESS about Adam Brown. I am a State Trooper of 19 years and have heard about this book for awhile from a Trooper who I helped to train when he graduated Patrol school. He was a former Marine and taught me so much as I was supposed to be training him. He has long stated it should be read by every true blooded American and he was so right.

I am so humbled by Adams story and I almost feel guilty for what I know I have taken for granted in my life. My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, My job, my wife, my family and my closest of friends. I too have a Kelley in my life that if it were not for her and her family I have no idea where I would be. Her name is Christine and she is my hero. We were not able tohave children but we always said if this was the worst God had planned for us we are truly blessed.

Thanks so much to the author, Kelley and the Brown family for opening up such a wonderful and inspiring story about Adam as he wanted it told. I am a Christian and so believe in the fight that Adam gave his life for. I have ten years left in this fight as a law enforcement officer. I know I can never make the difference Adam made, but that doesnt mean I can't continue and carry on as he did with God by my side. As the BIBLE says, "I can do all through Christ which strengthens me".

Thank you Adam and and to all of you for renewing my faith in God, my family and this world. I will continue the fight as long as God gives me the power. We all know that's what Adam wants. May God truly bless the Brown family, Kelley, Nathan and Savannah... as Kenney Chesney says in his great song "Who You'd be Today" "I'LL SEE YOU AGAIN SOME DAY"

GOD SPEED....Greg,,

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