From Horrible to Heavenly

I was living with an abusive boyfriend for 4 years. I was trapped because I had no money or a job. I prayed for anything, any job. I had to lie about my resume to get a job in the Home Health field. I took care of a lady with Alzheimer's. I saved and saved. I was happy that it was live-in during the week, so I could be away from my now ex.

I had a friend online that I met through Myspace in 2006. At that time she wanted me to move to Louisiana. I couldn't think of it at that time. She always said I could go to start over since she knew my time living in New York was a total struggle.

We lost touch. One day after a big fight I emailed her crying telling her about my situation. Mind you we haven't talked in like 5 years. It took her 2 months to get back. That was in 2011.

My last 4 years were the worse because that was the time I lived with my ex. By the time my friend got back to me I had already saved $1500 from my HH job. Working sometimes 2 weeks straight so I could be in peace and away from home.

I was let go from my job on April 1, 2011 because the insurance company wanted her with someone who was licensed because she was a serious case and getting worse.

I was so happy to hear from my friend. Although it took me 2 weeks to get my mind together, I was determined to leave. And I was thankful I had an option!! I was on the Greyhound April 24 and in Louisiana by the 26th on Easter weekend.

I don't have much. No degree, money... but one thing I know that I have is courage and bravery. Several people emailed me saying they wish they could make a move like I did. They don't know it was my only option. After 8 years of struggling and to add to that living the last 4 with an abusive narcissist... I had to take care of my spirit and soul. I was so unhappy. Crying all the time when I was alone. Funny I never cried when I was being hit. I even changed my behavior and that didn't help. I know (and knew then) it wasn't my fault. I was so glad to get away from him. So glad...

Now, I live with my future husband. A true southern gentleman. He is the sweetest man I've ever been with in my life. Maybe that's sad to say because I'm 42, but better now than never. Nothing sad about that.

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