19 firefighters

There are 19 firefighters that gave their all fightinging to save Yarnell, AZ this week. These firefighters were a group of seasoned men who had worked many forest fires.

They were aparently trying to cut a protection line between the town and the fire. Winds fanned the flames from a 200 acre fire to become a 2000 acre fire in one day. These men fought valiantly, but were overtaken by fast moving flames.

They have left small children and wives behind to protect and serve others. They were a tough group of men but they never forgot to be kind. These men are Heroes. Never thinking of themselves, just doing their job.

I think that these men imbodied fearlessness and the winner of this contest should be the people that they left behind.

Their wives and children deserve respect and kindness. They have paid a large price and must go on being fearless because that is they way the 19 men would have wanted it.

They lived the adage that "All give some. Some give all."
That is fearless.

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