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Message from Petr Petrášek

Petr Petrášek: Hi, just finished the Spartan Super Race 13km+, 21 obstacles. My physical and mental fitness has been tested to the limits. Thank you

“Five Great Military Reads”

Fearless gets a nice thumbs up by Navy SEAL Rorke Denver who recommends Adam's story in his top "Five Great Military Reads." Read the article

Last Day of FEARLESS Promotion!

Today is the LAST DAY you can buy one, get one free for the Paperback edition of FEARLESS. There is no limit, for every copy

My warrior princesses…

Daddy's warrior princesses                 "There's one thing you don't know Daddy ... I'm not left handed!"    

First Female SEAL

If you haven't seen news of the first "female" SEAL ...well, sorta... The controversial Warrior Princess is confirmed first-hand via this post on SOFREP by

FEARLESS: Just Shy of 1,000 Reviews!

I support all book retailers—The Indy Shops, Barnes N Noble, Books-A-Million. But, like most authors, I can't help myself from checking for the reviews.

FEARLESS on New York Times Bestseller list!

FEARLESS just hit the New York Times Bestseller list, first week in paperback. We are number 22 this week! Thank you all for your continued

Larry Brown Speaking at Arkansas Boys State

Last night, Adam Brown's father, Larry Brown, spoke to 600 young leaders at the 73rd annual Arkansas Boy's State program. Many young men were brought


Remembering Dan, JD (Donnie), Adam, Tom, Brian, John, Matt, Heath, Kevin, and Chris today. Also, here's an article about our country's oldest Veteran. Fox News


A number of you have shared news of this piece of art with me, and the individual who purchased it to support the cause wrote