Since Fearless released in 2012, readers have been writing to author Eric Blehm to share how Adam’s story caused them to reflect on their lives. Adam lived his life with a very clear set of values: faith, family, and love of country.  He was flawed but with a keen sense of integrity. These traits caught the attention of thousands who wrote to say that they were encouraged to face their own challenges and Live Fearless.

This response inspired us to develop this place to share more stories about folks who Live Fearless. If Adam’s story has touched your life in a way that drives you to try to Live Fearless– as a better friend, a better parent, a better citizen – or if you now recognize this spirit in someone else, tell us about it.   Let’s celebrate your triumphs and honor those you know who demonstrate relentless character. 

Find some stories from readers here, then share your story below. 


From readers

Incredibly Humbled and Inspired

Before reading this book, I had no sense of direction in my life. I am a twenty-seven-year-old mother of four, and two years ago I fled from my children’s abusive father and was homeless for a while. I currently work full time, and I’m going to school to earn my bachelor’s degree.

There are days when I find it hard to go on and feel like giving up. I was feeling this way before I read Fearless, and thanks to Adam’s incredible life-changing story, I have finally realized what was missing in my life—God. I am incredibly humbled and inspired to keep going and to keep fighting through this life, and I know that all things are possible with faith and love.

Many Good Lessons

I am a father, a veteran, and a federal agent. I have a young son who seems to have many of the traits of Adam. I’m a drug agent, and I worry about him and the temptations of the future. I read Fearless in one day. I’m going to make my son read it when he is twelve. There are so many good lessons about faith, family, service, and the temptations that can derail all of those things. I’m going to reread it as well, to remind myself how tough a job parenting a teen and young man can be.

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