Dear everyone!

I just wanted to thank you for the thousands of letters ya'll have written to me and the entire Brown family after reading FEARLESS-the full story of my Navy SEAL husband, Adam Brown, who was killed in action in Afghanistan on March 17, 2010. Just as our faith has sustained us, your letters continue to give us strength. Your kind and personal words have validated our decision to tell Adam's story. They've shown us that Adam's story has inspired and even changed lives-physically, mentally, and spiritually. So many of you have asked us, "What can I do to help you, your kids, your family, financially or otherwise." Well, what we really want to do is continue to share Adam's story across the nation and around the world. We want to be sure we get a copy of FEARLESS into the hands of everybody who might need some help getting out of their own dark place, just like Adam did once upon a time. We know his story will inspire them to never give up, to keep getting up when they're knocked down, and to live fearlessly. Nothing can convey that message better than the book itself. (Thank you Eric Blehm! We know we were led to you, and that you were the right author to tell the story of our Adam!)

With that in mind, I do have a request to those of you who want to help, and those who have been touched by Adam's story. FEARLESS is releasing in paperback in a few weeks, and we want to be able to give copies to anybody who would like to read it. If you would like to help, please consider giving extra copies to people-schools, groups-who you think could benefit from reading it. Eric and I still have to pay for copies of the book, and even with our discount, it gets expensive. Eric also gives a nice portion of his royalties for every book sold to The Adam Brown Legacy Foundation, and he has given away hundreds of signed books to various groups that support our country's warriors and their families for fundraising purposes. In addition, we've both given away hundreds of copies to various church groups, addiction recovery groups, and schools, and we would like to continue doing this. Eric would like to give a copy to every SEAL who makes it through Hell Week at BUDs, and I would like to get copies to the various Teen Challenge group homes, as well as individual churches' groups for addiction, family issues, and men's and women's issues. Larry and Janice give it out at their While We're Waiting gatherings for parents who have lost a child; as well as their outreach to parents of children battling addiction , and young men and women in jail who want to turn their lives around.

You can do the same thing in your areas! If you can afford an extra copy of the paperback edition (Eric has added a new section of motivational letters from readers in this new edition), you can send it to either address below, and we will be sure it is given away to the right people. If you purchase on-line, you can have the extra copies shipped directly to The Adam Brown Legacy Foundation c/o either of the addresses below. If you can afford a large number of copies, and want them to go to a certain type of group-military, addiction, low income, ministry groups-just include a note.

We hope that with this book drive, Adam's story will climb the bestseller lists. The hardcover edition of FEARLESS made it to number seven on the New York Times bestseller list. Maybe we'll get a little closer to number one for the paperback. Pre-order now. Every copy helps!

God Bless you all, and thank you for helping us spread the word.
Kelley Brown

Send copies to:

Adam Brown Legacy Foundation
2033 San Elijo Avenue #482
Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007

Adam Brown Legacy Foundation

C/O All Service Electric
182 Whited Farm Lane
Hot Springs, AR 71913

Here is a list of some of the charities Adam Brown Legacy Fund contributes to:

  • Teen Challenge
  • While We’re Waiting
  • RPM House
  • Haley Gloria
  • Sheila McDill
  • Fierce Pierce (Haley Piatt)
  • Various County Jails

In addition, Eric Blehm has donated time and/or books to various groups including:

  • Arkansas Boys State
  • Pershing’s Last Patriot World War 1 Memorial Project
  • John Faas Memorial Fund
  • Brian Bill Scholarship Fund
  • The Bronco Project
  • Lone Survivor Foundation
  • Operation Rebound
  • Brian Bill's Little Warrior fund
  • NSW Kids
  • Wounded Wear
  • Naval Special Warfare Family Foundation