May 25 Radio Interviews

Here are tomorrow’s (May 25, 2012) radio interviews.  All times listed are Pacific Standard Time 7:33am: TRN in Central Point, OR with Chris Salcedo and Lori Lundin 8:00am: Life with Purpose, GA Baptist Convention Radio in Duluth, GA with Jon Graham 1:00pm: WSKV in Lexington, KY with Karen Sebey 1:35pm: KUIK in Hillsboro/Portland, OR with John

May 24 Radio Interviews

Just finished up my last interview for today. Here’s a listing of tomorrow’s (May 24, 2012) radio interviews.  All times are listed in Pacific Standard Time. 6:10am: WSYR in Syracuse, NY-with Joe Galuski 7:06am: KVEL/KLCY in Vernal, UT-with Lincoln Brown 8:10am: Secure Freedom Radio in Washington DC with Frank Gaffney 8:30am: KFYR in Bismark, ND

May 23 Radio Interviews

Here’s a listing with links to all of the radio interviews I am doing tomorrow. Give me a listen if you’re in any of these markets.  There will be many more in the coming days. (All times listed are Pacific Standard Time) 6:00am: WYGB in Columbus, IN-with Dave Wilson 6:30am: WJJF in Hartford, CT-with Lee

Eric on Dennis Miller

Eric Blehm Good morning everybody. Been on radio shows across the nation since 5:00 a.m. Pacific Time, and just overwhelmed by callers, emails, and fans of ADAM BROWN. Just got finished with Dennis Miller, who called me “Baby…” You gotta love it, and you gotta love when he said, “Thank God for people like Adam

Survivor Fan. Marcus Luttrel Reading in Coronado, CA

If you’re San Diego Local, and a Lone Survivor Fan. Marcus Luttrel will be here doing a reading from his new book SERVICE tomorrow/Coronado. Marcus was in Adam Brown’s BUD/S Class, and has graciously been spreading the word about FEARLESS. Thank you Marcus.

WJIM in Lansing, MI

This is the first radio station I was on this morning. One of many, I will be sharing them all with you, WJIM in Lansing, MI thanks for the love!

The Five on Fox

Check your local listings and watch The Five on Fox tonight for a nice mention of FEARLESS.