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Since Fearless released in 2012, not a day has passed in which author Eric Blehm or the Brown family have not received at least one email, sometimes dozens, from readers expressing how Adam's story inspired them. Adam lived his life with a very clear set of values: faith, family, and love of country.  He was flawed but with a keen sense of integrity. These traits caught the attention of thousands who wrote to say that they were encouraged to face their own challenges and Live Fearless.

This response inspired us to develop this space to share more stories about folks who Live Fearless. If Adam’s story has touched your life in a way that drives you to try to Live Fearless– as a better friend, a better parent, a better citizen – or if you now recognize this spirit in someone else, tell us about it.   Let’s celebrate your triumphs and honor those you know who demonstrate relentless character.

Find some stories from readers here, then share your story below. 

My Mother’s Strength

My mom Elaine was always one of the happiest people around. It didn’t matter what was going on in life or how little food we had to eat, she found the silver lining in the clouds and taught her 3 three daughters to do the same. Granted, that is much more difficult than it sounds.

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With Hope Everything is Possible!

I recently came across a quote that reminded me of seeing this contest and about the topic for this contest. The quote is “Once we choose HOPE, EVERYTHING is POSSIBLE”. This is a very inspiring quote. Christopher Reeve, as most people know of, was injured after being thrown from a horse. He subsequently became a

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